Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sensational Seminole and Brilliant Borders by Nancy Tiffany

Yesterday's workshop was so much fun. Nancy Tiffany came and taught us about Seminole piecing. I didn't know too much about Seminole piecing but now that I do and know how to sew it....I will try and use it in my quilts.

Here is Nancy sitting in front of the teachers table with her sample quilts draped across the table.
One of Nancy's sample boards showing different Seminole piecing.
The second board with even more samples......beautiful.
Nancy showing us how to cut our strips and how to sew them.
How to position the ruler....lots of good demoing going on.
Close up of one of Nancy's sample the black background...this quilt really pops.
Another one of Nancy's quilts.
Everyone in the class worked hard and got lots of sewing done.
This is called flip flop......this is my fabric and strip.
Medallion strip it is also called Letter you see the letter I?
Love this's called Tumbling Fish.
These were made by Ginny and pined to the wall........she used batiks.
Here are Rosemary's samples......she sued fall colors......really the orange.
Wonderful class.....I'm so glad Nancy came to teach us about Seminole piecing.....I learned so much.


Dianah said...

those came out so cool. Was it hard? I want to see them. did she have a book?


Nancy Tiffany said...

Thanks Liz. Your pictures are great and I think we all had a good time.

Nancy Tiffany