Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Qakdale Quilt Guild Retreat part 2

Happy Halloween !! The weather has turned and it really seems like fall is here. Did you feel the earthquake last night? Made me dizzy.....but it was fun while it lasted. The picture below is of the fall leaves next to the cabin we were in. Taken from the deck.

Shirley was in my jelly roll class.....she didn't use a jelly roll....cut up a lot of blue fabric and used a light yellow for the background. Beautiful. After we had finished a project we draped them over the rail on the second floor of the cabin. The cabin really looked festive with all the quilts and projects draped above.
Lucile was working on the mystery quilt all weekend. By Sunday she had all the block sewn together and arranged them on the table. A very fall looking the design.
Here is a red, white and blue quilt I worked on.....a small take 5....done my way. This quilt will go to Manteca philanthropy and will be given to a veteran. Very easy quilt to make. I'm going to sew more of these for philanthropy in Manteca and Oakdale.
I'm still sewing on my mumbo gumbo blocks and on retreat I made 12 more blocks. I still have to decide what size I'm going to use and square them up.....I figure I'm about 1/2 done with this quilt. I like the way it is looking.
I made four pillow cases at retreat. These are so much fun to make and give away to people.
My jelly roll quilt....I finished the borders at the retreat.....I like the way it turned out.
A close up of my quilt.
The retreat group on the stairs. I was so tired by the time I drove home that I took a two hour nap. Much was finished on the retreat and I had a good time, Thanks Stacye for organizing this retreat!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oakdale Quilters Retreat

Last Friday I took the day off and headed up to Twain Harte to the Oakdale Quilters Retreat. The picture below shows the color in the mountains. Beautiful yellow and red trees.

Here is the cabin we stayed in.....lots of bedrooms and room to set up tables and sew!
Here is Cora and Barbara busy sewing. I was sitting with my back to them sewing and we all talked quite a bit back and forth.
Here is the whole group.....on the table in the foreground is my jelly roll quilt finished and folded up.
Nance and Lucile were working on the mystery quilt that they and Stacye worked on for the weekend....tomorrow I'll post a picture of Lucile's blocks....its a cool quilt. I spent the weekend working on UFO's and making pillowcases.
Maya worked on her applique project.
Lunch on Saturday on the deck......the weather was wonderful and it was nice to eat outside.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last Tuesday night bear class

Last night was the last bear class and most of us are on the final step of finishing our bears. Carol got her Mombo Gumbo wall hanging back from Eddie who's sister machine quilted it. WOW...when they say the quilting makes the quilt they were right. I don't know if you can see all the detail quilting on the quilt....but it is beautiful.

Barbara finished her bear....its the girl bear on the right. She already had the knitted sweater and scarf...and see the cute little purse on her arm......she just needs some pants. On the left is Sue's Pea Pod bear with his shirt and overalls on.
Here is Sue, helping people in the class with their bears.
I finally got my bear head done and on the body. Just need to sew on the arms and legs and she will be done.....I know its a she but don't have a name yet.
Teresa's fabric...with one ear on.
A finished bear from the class.....what a cute bear!
A fuzzy bear from the class....before it got its ears on kind of looked like a beaver.
Thank You Sue for such a fun class....I'm so glad I made my bear. Now to figure out how to put clothes on my bear. I have to sew the block of the month usual the night before our membership meeting. Should be easy to do. I'll have a picture tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oakdale Saturday Workshop

I attended a workshop on Saturday for my Oakdale Quilt group. The quilt took one jelly roll....or lots and lots of 2 1/2 strips to make.and 2 1/2 yards of back ground fabric. See the picture below to see the pattern and the label from the jelly roll I used. The picture on the pattern is ugly. Why do they do that....all the quilts made on Saturday looked much better then this picture.

Here is some of the quilters who took the class....busy sewing.
Here is my machine and the strip piecing that I am doing.
This is a easy block to make and goes together fast.
this is my finished center for my quilt. I just need to add the borders.
Barbara came to the class and worked on the paper piecing little quilt below.
Here is Marie's quilt.....she used a jelly roll that had lots of purple in it. The dark fabric in the picture below is dark purple.
Charlotte used Christmas scraps and a beautiful gold background. I took this as she was using the ironing board.
I finished the center of my quilt on Saturday.....we sewed from 9 to 3. The finished quilt is 57 inches by 57 its not real big....but big enough.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Even More Pictures from PIQ

Do you wonder how I spent my money at Pacific International? See the picture below....on the left 1/2 yard cuts from Creation Station....I can't pass up paying $2.50 for 1/2 a yard. In the middle a pink hand dyed long sleeved shirt....its beautiful. Two pillow case kits....the price was right and I love the fabric...I'll be making these up for Xmas presents. And last but not least....the roll of scraps at the top of the picture....a grab bag for $2.75.

Back to the this one....
A close up.....see all that quilting.
More animals.....
A close up of mother and baby.
A cool face.
Mountain sheep.
A close up of the sheep and rocks.
Love these red flowers.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Making A Bear....and more pictures

The Bear class was fun.....Lue-Anne brought a baby quilt she finished....she used the X block ruler to make it. I love the colors.....and its not all blue!

Here are the bear parts I was stuffing last bear head fell out of my bag and so I couldn't stuff it....I will work on it at home before next weeks class.
Here is Sharon's fabric.
Barbara's bear is made with cool fabric too.....a jungle bear.
Here is the sample for the class......a cool green bear that Sue has made.
More PIQ pictures.....Love this horse, the color the way its put together.
Red and black.....beautiful quilt.
Half dome.....
I love this block....moon over the mountain......I want to make a quilt like this.
This quilt uses real feathers......
Beautiful fish....looks like she's ready to spawn.
Boats in the harbor......
I still have lots more pictures. Check back tomorrow.