Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Modesto Quilt Show

I did take lots of pictures on Saturday at the show. After listening to Freddy talk and looking at all the vendors, I looked at all the beautiful quilts that hung at the show. I only took pictures of the quilts that interested me. The quilt below is a simple quilt done in half square triangles, one half dark fabric and the other off white. A simple quilt but I really like the look. The second picture is of a large leaf quilt. I really like this quilt. Different.
This wall hanging didn't come out too well in the picture. Its rocks and things your would find at the bottom of the ocean. I loved looking at this quilt close up.
Who doesn't like orange pumpkins, this is a close up of the bottom part of the quilt. This quilt was quite large.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Freddy part 2

I really took lots of pictures this weekend so I could share them with all of you. Freddy gave a good talk at the quilt show and you really see color in a different way when you study her quilts. She did not begin quilting till she was 60 years old and has made over 500 quilts. Freddy has never quilted a quilt and send them all out to be machine quilted. I really like the quilt below. Lots of beautiful color.

I can't remember what the subject of the quilt below was.....more dots and of course lots of color.
This is Freddy's take on a wedding ring quilt. This quilt look much easier to made then the usual wedding ring quilt and much more color.
Tomorrow I will have pictures from the quilt show......I did take some of quilts that I liked. So stay tuned.....there's lots more pictures.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Freddy Moran

On Saturday I attended the Modesto Quilt Show. I was able to set down and hear Freddy give a talk on her quilting, how she started and how she designs quilts. She showed off a few of her quilts and as I was in the second row, was able to get some good pictures. You will see a few heads in these of the ladies sitting in the first row.

This is a beautiful red and black quilt. She began with one block and just started adding more until she felt it was done.
Freddy is known for her house blocks. Here is one of her many house block quilts.

This quilt shows a black dotted cat with flowers around and a cool white dotted fabric for the background.
Freddy has been working on a series of quilts based on the day of the dead. Lots of beads added to this quilt after it was quilted. She uses the time when watching TV with her husband to do the hand work.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wonderful Trunk Show

Judy Daines a local teacher who makes beautiful garments and quilts gave a trunk show last night at our guild. I didn't take any pictures of her garments as they were being modeled and it was hard to get the people to stop and get a picture. I did however get some pictures of her beautiful quilts. As with all quilts you really need to see them close up as she does lots of machine quilting and thread painting on each quilt and each garment. Enjoy these pictures.......

Love the quilt below, bright colors.

These flowers are beautiful and quilted beautifully.
This quilt shows a scene of parts of California.
Very nice quilt of the colors.
I hope you can see the quilting on this quilt, it has some fabric painting on it.
The back of the above quilt.....I wish I could machine quilt with my sewing machine like she does.
I plan on attending the Modesto Quilt show on Saturday put on by the Country Crossroads Quilt Guild, "Heart of the Valley" Quilt and Textile Arts Show. Celebrity Guest quilter will be Freddy Moran. Then on Sunday I have my class with Debi.....will take lots of pictures. Quilts, vendors and sewing both

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Guild Meeting Tonight

Just a short note today. Tonight is my meeting night for Manteca Quilters. I know we will have a speaker so should be fun. Our last meeting was in early January so its been a long time since I've seen some of my quilting friends.

The count down has begin for our annual quilt show that is held on the first weekend in March, Saturday March 3 and Sunday March 4. I am the white glove and door monitor chair and will be taking sign up's for workers.

I plan on taking some pictures tonight and will post them tomorrow.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cold California

Sunny California......right, its been very, very cold here with water pipes breaking and fountains freezing up. The lows last week were in the 20's. This picture was taken by my niece who lives in Ripon. She told me that " it took till about 4pm each day for it to thaw out....and then the sun would go down it would be hard as a rock by midnight, it was funny to watch the finches land on the ice and then slide across."

I feel sorry for all the birds and animals that are outside and have to put up with the cold. It's still cold but the lows are now in the 30's. I keep thinking about February and how the almonds start blooming about the middle of the month. Thank God the winters are short here. But we need rain, so I'm thinking we'll have a wet spring.

All this cold weather has all us quilters thinking and working on warm quilts to keep us warm in this cold weather. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beautiful Fabric

Tuesday night I began cutting up my fabric for the class I'm taking on the 28th. I went to the sale at Beverly's on Saturday, 25% off all fabric and picked up my focal fabric, the red flower fabric in the middle of the picture. The tan fabric on the right side is my background and the green is my first boarder and will be used in the quilt.
I needed to pick out 16 fat quarters and some are seen on the left hand side of the picture. I still need to pick out 5 more fat quarters, I need more reds and off white. I have enough green. What fun.....I love picking out fabric for a quilt. All this fabric has been cut and is ready to sew at the class.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The End of the First Full Week In 2007

The meet the teachers night last Tuesday was so much fun. I allways run into quilters that I know and its fun to see them again and say Hi. I signed up for two classes. The first class is with Debi and called Caribbean Courtyard. See picture below. I love taking my digital camera with me everywhere. I can take pictures and remember what the quilts look like....because heavens knows as I get older I remember less. The date for this class is January 28th, on a Sunday from 10 to 4 and we will be having a pot luck lunch. Now I have to find my main fabric....hunt through my fat quarters and do some cutting before class......better get cracking.

The second class is in April 21, a Saturday and is called Candy is Dandy. I just love the look of this quilt....looks like I will be cutting and sewing lots of strips. I can use fat quarters for this quilt so I will be trying to use up my fabric stash. See quilt below.
The weather has been very cold for California below 30 degrees. The weather man says that tonight will be even colder yet. If it would rain we would see snow. The last time we had any major snow in the big valley was in 1976....and yes I do remember that snow. Its the kind of weather that makes you happy you are a quilter and have quilts to help keep you warm.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy 2007

Finally my first post of 2007! I kept forgetting to put my camera back in my purse and I had no pictures to download. This beautiful red queen sized quilt was laying on the floor of the Manteca library last Tuesday night. Diana is working on it for her own bed. Red is my favorite color and I really like this quilt.

This is a very simple quilt to sew. I think she told me she used seven different red prints for this quilt. She has fabric left over and will be making a couple of smaller quilts in the same pattern.

Last month I joined Sharon B's Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge that she is runing from her blog In a minute ago. On Tuesday Sharon posts a crazy quilt stitch and you are challenged to use the stitch in different ways. Of course I am behind in the challenge. The first weeks stitch was herringbone and this week (the second week) the stitch is buttonhole stitch. The stitches will get harder as the year goes on. Take a look on Sharon's blog to see the stitches and links to pages of stitchers who are doing the stitching each week. I will catch up.

Tongiht before I go to my Tuesday stitches group I will run over to the local quilt shop Cloth and Quilt for a meet the teachers night. All the new classes for the next four months and the teachers will be on display. You get to meet the teachers and see samples of the classes. What fun. If you sign up for a class tonight you get a coupon for 10 per cent off of any supplies bought in the store for the class.