Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Back......with chickens and cats

It's been a whole week since I's been hard with my ear problems and then surgery for a melanoma on my all seemed to happen at once.....I'm tired of going to Kaiser but after I go back to the Dr. this week....I should be all done. I really need to get back to sewing and have begun to sew a binding on a quilt I need to finish.....its a birthday present and now the the weather is getting cold I need to get it back to the person I gave it too.

Below is a picture of a rooster that lives on the ranch that I live on. He's beautiful and very hard to get a picture of.....he kept moving and didn't want me to get too close. I don't hear him crow too often....just when he decides to look for bugs in my back yard. I rather enjoy it when he does's usually in the morning when I'm already awake.
This was taken on a warm day and I took it to show you all the cats that live by me.....all mostly wild and on warm days they lay on my back grass in the shade because it is cool. The cat on the left side of the photo is my tame outside cat.

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