Saturday, October 25, 2008

PIQ.....even more pictures

This is a beautiful appliqed quilt......the background is purple and the flowers really pop.Close up of the flowers.......look at all the satin stiching.....again hours and hours of stitching.
This quilt is made of strips of fabric.....very narrow and then sewing down the middle of the strip and then overlapping the strips.......seems too easy. Lots of raw edges.
Cone flower.
I love red.......this is a very different it.
A school of red fish.
Look at this scary guy.
I love black and red I took a picture of this very unusual one.
Another quilt with flowers on
Close up of the flowers....
Huge butterflys........a very different quilt.
Beautiful butterfly and look at that quilting.
Blue stars.......very nice.
This is a close up of another star the way it looks.
I had a class last night at Lady Bug Quilters in Manteca with my good friend Dianah and didn't get home till late. Today I have a workshop with the Manteca quilters group....I took pictures last night and will take pictures today.....more to come.

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Anonymous said...

Liz, I didn't know you had a blog!! Now I can start stalking you, hahahaha....just kidding. Hey when are you going to make us a quilt, wink wink....

I love the bright colored ones.

Talk to you soon,