Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pacific International Quilt Festival XVII

Six brave quilters set out from Manteca yesterday (Friday) for the largest quilt festival on the west coast.....or so they say. It was our yearly trip to PIQ in at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It was a beautiful day.....really too nice to be inside, but there were vendors to visit and spend money with and wonderful quilts to see and and take pictures of. I took the most pictures ever at a quilt everyone who reads my blog is in for many days of pictures from the show.

I think attendence was down from last year....maybe the economy....but it seemed less crowded then last year. See the picture below. Rows and rows of vendors. How did I get a picture with no people in it.

I really want to get my bella bella quilt done......look at this one......outstanding.

Close up of the can see the this quilt.
A very different and purses.......I don't know if I like the big poofie purse on it....but I guess it works.
A very different old brick building in this quilt.......beautiful.
A close up of the fabric used in the bricks and in the shadows.....wonderful fabric.
Here's my kind of quilt.....bright leaves....this quilt has lots and lots of satin stiching on it.
Look at the quilting......I don't know how anyone could do all this close quilting and all the satin stiching it took....many hours sitting at the sewing machine.....I don't even want to think of how many hours this quilt took.
Look at this quilt.....I like the way the black is well.
This quilt has beautiful flowers mixed in with the panels of Japanise ladies. Very nice.
That's all for now......its going to take me a lot of time to edit all the pictures I took yesterday. I only take pictures of quilts that I'm interested in and like......leave me a comment if you like the pictures I took and look forward to a week full of beautiful pictures.


wild said...

very nice:) Kisses from POrtugal

Marge said...

Wow, those are some amazing quilts! Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing them! I like making quilts, but I do EASY things! :)

Mary-Kay said...

Love the pictures. I especially like the brick one. The satin stitch one looks very do-able. I also like the shoe one and I agree with you about the purses. I am looking forward to more pictures.