Monday, October 27, 2008

PIQ.....not done yet

Yes can you believe it......I still have more pictures from Pacific International. The picture below is a beautiful wine country scene. Looks like the old country to me.Close up of the grapes.....look at that detail.
Fireworks......done in fabric.
I don't know what that is at the bottom of this qult.....but the dragonflys are cool.
The volcano is about to go off in this quilt.....look at that quilting.
Two cranes in this quilt......beautiful.
I didn't get a picture of whole quilt on this one.....but I did get two pictures of the detail. Look at the little guy with the horns on his hat on the left.
Look at the quilting on the left side.
Big beautiful flowers.....look at all those buds.
The quilting and detail here.
The reminds me of a almond tree in full bloom.....or could be a peach.
Close up of the tree.
There are still more pictures you have not seen.......

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