Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Projects Finished This Weekend

After several weekends with no sewing even attempted, this weekend was different. I worked on my Candy is Dandy quilt......machine quilting it with my walking foot. This is a large lap quilt and I would not want to machine quilt any larger quilt on my home machine. I now know why I pay someone to use a long arm machine to quilt my quilts. See the picture below. I am very happy with the way my quilt turned out.....so now all I have to do is attach a sleeve for hanging and get the binding on.

I also worked on these three philanthropy quilts for the Oakdale guild. I just sewed on the backing envelope style and then turned them and top stitched around the edges. Now these three quilts will be put on a long arm machine and quilted.
My final project for the weekend are these three toiletries bags......I used a place mat and then sewed velcro on the flap to close them. These bags will be filled with bottles of shampoo, soap, and other personal items a women needs when she goes to a shelter for battered women. So easy to make and now I will fill them with goodies.
It really felt good to get so much done this weekend. The weather wasn't too hot but I did set up a fan to blow right on me while I quilted......I should have done this before when it was too hot to sew.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Week ending.....

I did not win the block of the month....boo! But I did win a door prize....my luck is improving.

Last night at the membership meeting Rami Kim gave us a wonderful program. We were able to see and feel her wonderful art-to-wear. I didn't take too many pictures and some that I took did not turn out too well. Below is Rami showing us one of her original quilts of cats.

This picture shows the workshop she is giving on Saturday. It will focus on folded flowers. I am not taking this workshop as I have way too many UFO's and plan on sewing at home on Saturday to try and get some projects done.
I got a few pictures of show and tell. Here is Jan Ayers beautiful red quilt from the workshop we did this spring that Carolee taught. No my quilt is not done from that workshop....its in my UFO pile. Love this quilt.....love red.
Remember the class I took in Stockton.....Jan Truscott finished her flowers.....mine just needs the boarders sewn on and then I need to machine quilt it......some day. Jan's turned out beautiful.
I have no where to go this weekend.....well I have to go to the library to pick up a couple of books I requested....but other then that I'm planing on sewing all day Saturday. I must get something done! Finish some UFO's.....before I start more projects.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Membership Meeting and BOM

Tonight is the membership meeting for my Manteca Guild......as usual I sewed the BOM last night. Back to my old habits.....below is a picture of my three blocks. They were easy to sew and I love the fabric and colors. I hope I win....these will make a nice quilt.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lots of Work Going On....Tuesday

Last night Joan basted her beautiful quilt so she can begin hand quilting it. Barbara was helping her...with the large tables at the library this task becomes much easier.

A close up of the quilt and the basting.
Judy was working on her horse quilt for her granddaughter. She used a panel in the center of the quilt.
Judy used the Yellow Brick Road pattern for the blocks on the sides of the central panel. This quilt really turned out cool.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What I'm Reading

I like so many other people am reading the latest Harry Potter. However I didn't wait in line or go to the book store at midnight. I got my copy from the library. I requested the book from the library month and months ago and I was 114 in line. On Saturday I stopped at my local library two pick up two book I'd requested and surprise.....surprise....I had another book waiting for me. Harry Potter!! I guess the San Joaquin County library got over 114 copies for all the libraries in the system. So I am half way done reading and I will not give the ending away....unless you ask me when I'm done.

So not too much sewing going on at my house.....till I finish this book.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Fun In Class

The mystery class was fun on Saturday night. Below is a picture of my quilt before I put it together. The background color is the yellow/gold fabric. It is bright. I finished putting all the blocks together and the first boarder which is the yellow/gold fabric.

The blocks below are Rita's from my class. She made her strips 3 1/2 inches, mine are 2 1/2 inches. There is no waste in my quilt size but Rita had to make three star blocks to make it come out. The flower fabric is her background fabric.....a real beautiful quilt.
The quilt below was made by Debi (the teacher) and Rena joined us after she was done working at California Quilt Makers. They work together at a credit union and their boss a woman is retiring..so they are making her a quilt.
Rita brought in a quilt top that she made from her leftover four patches from the Caribbean Courtyard quilt class. I really like the way she put it together with the wide black strips between the blocks.
Here is a close up of Rita's quilt.
It was a small class only two people but we had fun. All I have to do now is sew on the boarder which Debi talked me into making 8 inches wide so I can make a wavy boarder. She wants me to miter the boarder because it would look better but I've never done one before.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mystery Class Tomorrow

Tomorrow I have a mystery class with Debi at Cloth and Quilts. The class begins at 4:00 pm and finish up at 10:00 pm. Should be lots of fun as there are not very many signed up so we'll have plenty of room and all the teachers attention. Below is a picture of my fabric. The fabric in the center is the outside boarders....the yellow, gold on the left is the background and the rest of the strips are the colors from the main fabric. Should make a nice lap quilt.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Last of the Pictures

Wow....did I take a few pictures at the quilt show on Saturday! I love the flower quilt that you see in the close up below.....I have to make one some day.

Here is the whole quilt. I really like the way she used her colors.
Blue and yellow....love this color combination.
What is black and white and red.....this quilt below. I must do a black and red quilt. I have to add this as I just remembered that the red spots on this quilt are red buttons. So no red fabric in this quilt only black and white.
There were two quilt made from this pattern.....I really like this one.
Red and yellow.....I like this quilt too.
Made from a little boys overalls.....she cut the front off and appliqued it to the middle of this quilt and used other demin in the middle of the squares. The back of the quilt had the back of the overalls and a plaid shirt appliqued on it.......what a cool idea!
Well that's all the pictures I took last Saturday....it was fun. Hope you all enjoyed seeing them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day Two....more pictures from Ironstone

What a cool fall wall hanging.

Really love the bear quilt below......she made it based on a picture.
Knitting done by the guild....displayed on a red wood table.
Love the colors in this quilt.
Another cool quilt.
A very different lay out....done in batiks.
An old crazy quilt.....beautiful.
A close up of the crazy quilt.....love all the stitching.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Independence Hall Quilters Quilt Show

It was a beautiful day on Saturday....not too hot to travel up the hill to the quilt show at Ironstone Vineyards. The picture below is of the out side vendor area.....set up on the stage area.

This picture is of the goodies that are sold by the quilters....set on old plates, bowls, cups and saucers. We always buy some goodies when we are at this quilt show.
The walk way that leads to the building where the quilts are located.
Love this quilt....so different from other Noah's Ark panel quilts that you see.
A close up of the cows on the above quilt.....love these cows.
I really like the background on this goose quilt. So different.
There were some dolls at the show.....set up on a counter.
A real different applique quilt of a tree. I really like the way it's quilted.
I have took tons of pictures at the show and you will see more tomorrow. Lots of inspiration.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Can you believe it....Joan finished her French flower quilt...its all sewn together and she brought it down Tuesday night to show us. See picture below...she used a green stopped boarder and then the beautiful red fabric for the boarder. It is a large queen sized quilt.

Sandy has been working on the applique project as seen below......the picture does not do it justice. It is beautiful and lots of hard work have gone into it.

On Saturday I'm heading up to Ironstone Winery for the Independence Hall Quilters Mountain Heirloom quilt Faire 2007.....YEA! Love to go up to Murphy's and see the quilt show. Pictures of the quilt show will be posted next week. Have a good weekend and a lucky Friday the 13th.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Week Late.....

I took these pictures a week ago at our Tuesday night group. Joan was laying out her French flower blocks....queen size.....a whole lot of beautiful blocks. Yes...this is the same quilt I won...only much larger.

Here is a close up of some of the blocks.
Dianah was working on this quilt......really like the black print fabric she used and the printed panels of quilting ladies.
Here is a close up of Dainah's quilt...she got it all sewed together last Tuesday...the floor is the perfect place to lay out a quilt.
I did not get any sewing done this weekend.....too hot....I'm not in the mood. A week from Saturday I have my mystery quilt class with Debi so I have to get my fabric cut in strips....maybe tonight. The weather is cooler today....it's only suppose to reach 90 today.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm Melting.....It's Way Too Hot !!

It was 108 degrees yesterday here in Turlock and still 108 when I got home to Escalon. Seems a little cooler today.....I sure hope it cools off tomorrow. Its too hot to do anything......I get home and set in front of a fan and drink lots of ice tea. I don't feel like sewing at all. Who wants to even think about a quilt.....too hot.

Below are some blocks Sue has been working on and took down to our Tuesday sew to lay them out.....claims her cat at home won't let her lay them out there. She knows that if she brings them down on Tuesday night we will give her lots of feed back. Sue said this quilt started out with a charm pack that became the leaves.....then she added the pieced blocks and a quilt was born.

Here is a close up of Sue's quilt.
Betsy got this quilt back from being machine quilted. It really turned out beautiful.....we had two fall looking quilts at Tuesday night.....strange.
Here is some Asian fabric FQ's that I bought to sew a wall hanging with. I picked them up at the Oakdale Quilt Show. This is a kit that came with a pattern and the panel for the Asian girls....I just needed to buy some fabric that I am lacking in my stash. Should be fun to sew when it gets cooler and I get my ambition back.
I hope it's cool where you are....have a good weekend.