Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another UFO Finished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picked up my Rectangle Pizaaz On Point....... from Shirley H. who machine quilted it for me....I wanted leaves quilted on it and my did Shirley do a beautiful job of quilting leaves. The quilting is kind of hard to see on this picture......the quilt is kind of bright and busy.

You can see the quilting much better in this picture.
Here's the green corner.....the quilting is done in green thread but you can kind of see it on this picture.
Now to find the green fabric....its somewhere here in a bag with the leftover fabric. Then I can sew on the binding and really have this quilt finished.....YEA!!! I made this top in a workshop in April.....I think and now its done....except for the binding.....and how many UFO have I started since then???? Way too many to think to sew.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tops Done From Saturdays Workshop

Wow......quilters in Saturdays workshop really worked hard and have sewn their tops together. Last night at the Tuesday night sew we got to see three finished tops. The top below belongs to Joan.

Joan's also sewing together her latest applique quilt. It's beautiful !!!!! She going to add a appliqued border.....can't wait to see it all finished.
Here's Lue-Anne's scrap top from, white and blue......beautiful.
Last but not least is Barbara W's top......another winner. I really have to finish sewing and get my blocks sewn together.
Betsy picked up a top that had been machine quilted. She's really been busy finishing up some UFO's this year.
Here is a close up of the quilting.......beautiful.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Mystery Saturday

We were stripping down at the library yesterday.......sewing up a storm....making our mystery quilts. The room was very silent as every one sewed and sewed our strips together.......see Dianah below who even sewed while she talked on her cell phone.

The table was loaded with snacks.......ready to fuel our we sewed and sewed.
Here is Joan and Carol......putting sewing pedal to the medal.......the puring sound of sewing machines the only sound to be heard.
My machine with the "new" light attached.......I really like it......I love my machine but the light on it is not the best in the world.......this little light improves and centre's the light on my sewing.....I love it.
The strips were falling on the floor as we had to sew two strips together and do it 50 times.
Ginny did a great job giving us or instructions a step at a time and here she is showing us how to cut our strip sets.
You cut two strip sets at a time.
Cut a 8 1/2 square.....cut it in two different sides together and you have a block.
Here is my first big block......4 of the smaller blocks all sewn together.....mine is very scrappy.....I used up lots of left over fabric and even found some all ready cut 2 1/2 inch strips to make mine.
Ginny's finished quilt......she made a controlled, white and blue. Don't you just love it?
Most of the quilters at class went home with all their small blocks sewn......I love these 2 1/2 inch quilts.....they really sew up fast and look fabulous.....this quilt looks like its set on point, but its just a big square block.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

June Is Done and July Started

Here are my parts completed from my mystery quilt......lots and lots of sewing little pieces to other little pieces. What is it going to be??? I have no idea!!!! I've started sewing on the July instructions and hope to have it done before Aug 1.

On Aug 1 I get to pick up the last instructions and then finish the top before the end of Aug and turn it in to Quilters Cabin with all the other quilters who have finished their mystery quilt.

I am off to the July workshop......fellow VP Ginny is giving us a mystery scrap quilt workshop. I can't wait.....have lots of 2 1/2 inch strips cut and am ready to sew. Stay tuned as there will be pictures.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

More Than Quilts part 2

Sue's been working with wool and making lighthouses......this one she copied from a potato chip bag.

Here's the second lighthouse Sue made....has lots of buttons on it.
Pegi made this flower basket using needle
Pat made this beautiful red.....I love red.....quilt......Christmas quilt.
Pat also made this quilt from a kit she bought on vacation.
Our President Janet made this quilt for her husband.....she's made quilts for many people in her family this is the first for her husband,
Judy Q made this quilt rectangle pazzaz on point....turned out beautiful.
She used up all her fabric on the back and pieced it into a beautiful back.
Barbara Edwards bought a top at the last quilt show.......... she added the two borders and now has a wonderful quilt.

More Than Quilts

After we played Quilto last night at our membership meeting we all enjoyed seeing what our fellow quilters were making. Look at the cute rabbet that Sue tiny and so cute.

Sue also made this tablerunner that has felted wool on it. She will be teaching this as a class at Lady Bug Quilt shop...this will be a fun class.
Liz W finished the BOM blocks that she won........she really did a good job adding the pieced border.
This is a close up of Liz's quilt.
Dianah finished up making this doll.
Char made this quilt as a sample for Lady Bug Quilt store......go in there and you can see it close up.
Bob finished sewing on the binding on this quilt that will be a birthday present for his mother.
I took lots of pictures last night and will post more later.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Large Crowd

Last night there was a large crowd at the Tuesday night sew. At least four people were sewing on their machines.......two of us were cutting out 2 1/2 strips for the workshop on Saturday....the rest of the people were hand sewing.

Can you believe that one quilter is making Christmas presents ???? Wow.....I never even think about Christmas this time of year. Love this apron pattern.....and she's using scraps....not having to buy fabric.....I'm impressed!!
This is a kit from California Quilt Makers to made a baby quilt.....the pattern is call Posh the fabric and I don't think it will take long to sew up. I plan of quilting it myself on my home sewing machine. Next time you are in Turlock make sure and go into California Quilt Makers and check out their cool kits for beautiful quilts.
I bought these batiks at Quilters Cabin big sale last week......I plan on making a lap sized Posh Tot out of these fabrics.
I'm still working on my Mystery quilt and just need to sew up way too many four patches to half square triangle pieces on each side of the four patch......a whole lot of sewing.....when I finish sewing the four patches I will be done with June.....I have all the cutting done for July so I should get everything done before the August and last instructions come out.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

South Pacific Saturday

Look what I finished piecing last night......started it last Saturday in Inez's workshop and finished sewing it together last less than a week!!!! Now I have to sew on a black stopper border and get some fabric for a final border. I love these quilts made of 2 1/2 inch strips....they go together fast and look harder to make then they are.

Attended the play South Pacific today at the Sierra Rep's Historic Fallon House Theatre in Columbia State Historic Park. This is a picture of the quilt store up know I'd visit a quilt store if I can. I bought a 1/2 yard and FQ of fabric.
You can't go to Columbia without visiting the Candy Kitchen.
I took this picture before the play was a very good play....lots of good music and we had really good seats.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meet The Teachers.......NCQC

The Wednesday trip to NCQC Meet The Teachers was fun. Ginny and I visited with different teachers and picked up papers on what programs they offer and of course info on workshops. They have a large room with a stage and each teacher gets THREE minutes to talk about themselves.

After three minutes they will come and get the teacher off the stage if they have not finished their talk. Most of them get it done in the three minutes. Guess who's behind this quilt?? Our own Judy Mullen who is on the board of NCQC and was helping hold quilts.
There was a second room where tables were set up and the teachers could spread out their samples and talk to guild reps one on one.
Lots of people attended and I know we all have lots of ideas on who we want to come to our guilds and give programs and workshops. Ginny and I are working on this right now. Figuring out what dates we need to book and then checking with teachers on what days they have open.
Don't forget today and Satuday are the BIG sale at Oakdale's Quilters Cabin.......I'm heading there after work.

Betsy's Quilt

Betsy's been working on this beautiful's going to be a wedding gift for her grandson. She still needs to add the borders but you can see its going to be a beautiful quilt.

Below is a close up of the blocks used in Betsy's quilt........a simple have to have just the right fabric to make this quilt and Betsy's fabric makes the quilt.
Can't wait to see this quilt with the borders on and quilted.

Its been a busy week. I took a vacation day yesterday and attended Meet the Teachers at NCQC. My fellow VP Ginny drove and we had a good time talking to all the teachers who were there and afterward had a fabulous lunch at the Elephant Bar restaurant.