Friday, August 01, 2008

Quilting Break.....Lets Talk Cows

On Fridays I water my lawn.....front and back and while out there moving the sprinkler.....I noticed the three cows in the pasture across from my house.....legs in the water....watching me. So I went inside and fetched my camera. The red cow didn't like me getting too close and backed up. There is water on the pasture because we have the irrigation water and they are watering the corn and the pasture.

This is the white cow and she as all cows believe that the grass is better under the fence......all cow do this.....there is plenty of feed to eat in the pasture....but they will reach way under the fence and eat.
This is the Jersey cow....she's smaller then the other two cows and has big beautiful eyes......she doesn't give as much milk as the other cows but her milk is rich in cream and is used to make cheese.
That is your quilting break of the day......I need to get back to sewing.....I picked up the last set of instructions on my mystery quilt and now must finish it.

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