Friday, August 29, 2008

Gordian Knot Book

If any of my readers were wondering how to buy the Gordian Knot book.....I finally have the answer. A reader of my blog, who is looking for the book emailed me with the following information. The book is by Mary Whitehead, who has died and who's husband is self publishing the book, a teacher is using her book to teach classes on the Gordian Knot. If you call Eddie's Quilting Bee ( a quilt shop) in Sunnyvale, California at 408-830-9505 or 888 QUILTER you can get a copy of the book.

Thank you Kathy from Milpitas for the are going to make lots of people who are looking for the book happy. Who knew.... when I started this blog that I'd be helping quilters find the Gordian Knot book!!

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