Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At The Quilting Retreat

Greetings from Twain Hart !!!! The weather is beautiful and we are getting lots of sewing done up here at the retreat. I am sitting at The Rock....a restaurant in Twain Hart that has internet.....eating garlic fries and posting to my blog. We are also doing lots of eating.....see picture below. This is the back deck where all the meals are bing taken. I've seen a couple of deer that wondered by last night during dinner.

Here is the sewing room.....the wirling of machines being heard........quilters sharing projects and getting quilts done.
I finished this quilt.....Posh Tot the first the first hour of this pattern and easy to do.
Delores finished this quilt yesterday.....see had most of the blocks done but had to cut the setting a beautiful xmas quilt.
Close up of the quilt.
Pat is working on this chicken table it is all layed out ready to be sewn together.
This is my space at the retreat......working on the mystery quilt and today I'm busy sewing the rows together......when I go back I will finish it. YEA!!!!!
The garlic fry's are almost good. Lots more sewing to be done when I go back to the cabin. I'll post again when I get home on Friday....I'm taking pictures everyday.

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Dianah said...

I am a little further than you on my mystery but not much. I am going to have my blocks done tonight and start my sashing.

Looks liek you all are having fun!