Sunday, August 31, 2008

Balloon's Over Ripon

I got up this morning at the very early hour of 4:00 am to see the balloon's over Ripon at the Mistlin park. It was very dark and cold with a wind blowing. We ate at the pancake breakfast and draped blankets around us to keep warm. This is the water tower at the park after the sun came up.
It was too windy to launch the balloons into the air.....but they finally filled them on the ground and let them set on the ground all filled up.
It was so cool as you could get very close to the they are filling one up with hot air.
The balloon is starting to come up.
Here is my son in law Scott......watching the balloons.
The first balloon all filled up.
Other balloons......
Four balloons all in a row.
The two on the end are some kind of monster and a frog.......very strange.
I just took a short nap but still feel tired........I'm off to a BBQ will be early to bed for me tonight.....I'm getting too old to be getting up so early.

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