Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Night Part 1

Last nights Tuesday sew had lots of people working hard on different projects. Below you will see my sewing machine and me trying to catch up on my mystery quilt project.....its called Stop The Recount. I've been doing lots of counting.....have I cut enough 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch dark squares to make 80 ....yes 80 flying geese? No I only have 32....need to cut more....and so it goes. I did get some sewing done last night. Still need to catch up with Mays directions so I can get June's done. Liz W brought the quilt to show us how much she learned in Jill's class from Aprils workshop. Look at that machine quilting....on her home sewing machine. Good work Liz!!!!!
The is a close up of the quilting Liz did.......WOW!!!!
Here's Nicole.....Liz's grand daughter holding up a purse she made for a friend. What a good job she did on picking the fabric and then sewing the purse. Later she was sewing on a quilt she's working on.
More pictures tomorrow.......there was lots to see last night.....and thinking about it I could have taken even more pictures to share.

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