Friday, June 27, 2008

Bella Bella Workshop

Tomorrow Manteca Quilters June workshop will be given by Norah McMeeting and we will be making a quilt out of her popular book.....Bella Bella quilts. Norah gave a program at the June membership meeting with beautiful slides and then we got to see many of her quilts in the flesh.

The quilt below is a version of the quilt we will be sewing tomorrow..........I can't wait!!!

Here is the version we will be sewing.......look at all those colors and how she put them all together. Beautiful......the quilts in this book are based on Italian floors made of tiles. Norah showed us slides of the floor's that she used for inspiration. We will not be cutting out each piece and then sewing them all we will be using paper piecing or foundation piecing. I have done lots of paper piecing and do enjoy the process. I look forward to learning some new way to paper piece from Norah.

Here is a close up of a corner of the quilt.

Here is the fabric that I plan on using tomorrow for my quilt. Its kind of hard to see the colors in this picture. Black background, red and bronze fairy frost,
My quilt will use only three colors and here is a better picture of the fairy frost.......I have five yards of this fabric and I don't know if I can cut into it.......too beautiful.
Love this color of's a beautiful batik.
I did not take a picture of the black because its just plain black. I will take pictures tomorrow and share them with all of my readers.

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