Wednesday, April 04, 2007

9-Patch Puzzle

On Saturday March 24 I took a workshop with Carolee a fellow Manteca Quilter..... teaching 9-Patch Puzzle. Look at the pciture below to see the block. It is sewn 1/4 at a time....lots of 2 1/2 inch squares....but a good way to use up scraps.

This is what the finished quilt looks like.....she had it finished in two scraps and the mostly red scraps.
Here you see the quilters busy working on their quilts. We pre-cut our fabric before class so we could just come to class and sew.
Now I'm going to show you some finished blocks......what I really love about taking classes is seeing the different fabric people use and all the different ways a quilt can come out.
The top block below is done by Sue who is using 30's green for her background. She going to use different 30's fabric in each of her blocks so she will have a red block, blue block, yellow block....all made out of 30's fabric from her stash. Cool idea. The bottom red block was made by Jan....I really like the color red so I really like this block. Jan said that she had lots of left over red fabric from other projects to use in this quilt.
Two of the walls in the library room we use have cork on them so we can use it as a design wall. Below you see other blocks made by people in the workshop. The block to the right of the pink block is mine. I'm using blue and yellow...with a flower print for all the points. The block on the bottom row that looks bigger is made with 3 1/2 inch her quilt will be bigger and go together faster.
It was a fun class and now I have another unfinished project to add to my many, many unfinished projects to finish.

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