Monday, April 30, 2007

California poppy's and dead coyote's

The California poppy's are blooming all over the valley right now. This house is located on a road I take to drive into Modesto and I wanted to take a picture of this beautiful sight. So on Saturday I took this picture.Here is a close up of a mound of beautiful poppy's.
Here are the dead coyote's....this is a strange story. A couple of miles away from where I live in the country this strange sight has surprised local farmers. First it was one coyote shot and stuck on this fence......then there are five dead coyote's on every other fence post on this country road. So of course I had to go and take a picture. The county animal control has been called and notified. We don't know who is doing this or why.

Living in the country I've seen lots of coyote's run across country roads and of course we hear them howling at night, they also yep and howl. A different kind of night sound then you city livers hear....but its one I like. There is a small sheep herd not too far away and maybe he's the one doing this dirty deed.
I did get my candy is dandy quilt all sewn together this weekend. YEA!! Now I need to buy some fabric for the backing and I think I'll machine quilt it myself.....with my walking straight lines. It should be easy to do that way on my home machine.


DearGina said...

I keep returning just to see the Poppies!!! Nice pictures.

The Sarah Bear said...

I wanna take pictures in the poppies!!!! As long as they are nowhere near the coyotes :( I know farmers don't much care for them.. but...