Thursday, April 05, 2007

Teresa's Purple Quilt

Good buddy Teresa e-mail me a picture of her completed quilt from last months workshop. She's done with her quilt! How can that be.....I haven't even worked on mine since the workshop. I really like how her quilt turned the purple and the way she used the half square triangle's in the outer boarder. I wish my quilt was this far along.....I guess I'd better get working on it.


DearGina said...

Hi Teresa, I'm enjoying your blog:) I am from Stockton, but last year moved to the central coast. I still quilt for MANY people in the valley, and Debbie at QQ is my monthly stop. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself, not wanting to be a Feel free to read my blog too!
Chat soon, Gina

DearGina said...

Sorry,lol I meant Liz:(

Dianah said...

I cna't believe Teresa already has her's done! I guess retirement has been good to her. How big is the quilt if you don't add on? Maybe this could be the wedding quilt. LMAO! Dianah