Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last Tuesday's Sewing Group

Here's a picture of last Tuesday's Sewing group down at the library. The picture below only show a few of the quilter's there that ngiht. I 'm not seen in the picture and Judy is way over on the other side and Dianah's off to the left against the wall sewing. The latest picture of the opportunity quilt 2008 all pieced together.....Joan is going to add 5 inch boarders on each side....its one big quilt!!
Here is a close up of the quilt.....Joan's going to buy the backing early next week and then it's off to Pegi to be quilted.
Thread painting class last night was so much fun.....thanks to Sandra the teacher. I need to take another picture of my project after I was done.....was too tired last night.....and then I'll post about the class. I think its about done and now I need to decide about how to finish it off with boarders and make it a bit bigger. I really love taking classes and workshops.....I learn so much and improve as a quilter.

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