Monday, April 16, 2007

Catching Up

How was your weekend.....I managed to get some sewing done. The weather was rainy on Saturday....rained all day and was a perfect day for sewing. Worked on my homework from the thread painting class last week and I am ready for class this week. I sewed a back together on my courtyard quilt so I can take it to Debi to be machine quilted on Saturday when I will be at the Turlock quilt store taking the candy is dandy class. I even worked on my X block quilt is coming along and I will try to take a picture of it tomorrow night at the library.

Speaking of the Tuesday night group that meets at the Manteca library....Joan had the opportunity quilt for 2008 and was laying it out so she could put the sashing in it. Below is a picture of the flowers and leaves that will be between the blocks. Of course we all had to give her our opinion on which colored flower looked best next to a different colored block. What fun.
This will be a large you can see from the next picture where we are standing around and giving advise on color placement.
Dianah showed us her flower lap quilt. This is a kit you can buy at the Stockton quilt store and when Debbie was at the guild giving us a program there was a drawing and I won a kit to make this quilt......don't ask if its done because it's still in the sewing progress....but at least I have started on it.
Bob has finished sewing together his BQ quilt. I really like the way it turned out....very modern looking.

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