Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March Show and Tell

Every Manteca membership meeting has show and tell at the end ....its the last thing we do before we all go home. The March meeting 's show and tell was full of different quilts with lots of ideas for making your own quilt. Get those creative juices going.....the quilt below is made of flannel...what a warm quilt this will be.A quilt made using that new X block the colors. This is going to be a baby quilt.
Some lucky little girl is going to look beautiful in this dress at Easter.
A quilt made in an American Indian design.
30's fabric made into butterfly's.....the quilt is seen up side down.

Red work embroidery.....what a cool quilt.
Batik fabric made with the circle in square templates. Who doesn't love batik and what a beautiful way to show it off.
Monsters.....for a little boy. This quilt was made from a pattern in Keepsake Quilting. What a lucky little boy!
Another X block quilt.....looks like snakes....crawling across the background. I really want to make a quilt like this using my X block ruler.
Flip Flops.....a very colorful the flip flop fabric in the boarder.
We are such a talented bunch of quilters. You never know what your fellow quilters will be showing at show and tell.

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