Monday, April 23, 2007

Saturday's Class "Candy Is Dandy"

I had a good time at class on Saturday at Cloth and Quilt. It was a cloudy day and so a perfect day to set and sew. Here is a picture of my strips that I had cut before class. My fabric was from all kinds of prints.....I made a true scrappy quilt. Here I am all set up and ready to sew.
I had the center section all sewn by noon....and had the med fabric section done by the time I left class. It's very almost need sunglasses to look at it.

I was the only person in class who did a "real" scrappy quilt......the rest of the class did a controlled scrappy. Diane who sat across from me did her quilt in greens, gold and brown.....beautiful.
Another member of the class used teal, blue and browns.....this will be a quilt for a man......another beautiful example of this quilt.
I spent yesterday (Sunday) working on the dark blocks for my quilt and have most of it done. I will take the blocks to my Tuesday night sewing group and will lay it out on the library floor. More pictures to follow.

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Dianah said...

I can't wait to see yours. I wont be their tomorrow night to see it either. It looks like you got tons done in class.

Take pictures tonight for meet the teacher. I'm not making that either.