Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where Did The Week Go?

Is it Saturday already? Having Monday off for Labor day makes for a short week....and it was a busy week....a board meeting at work in Merced Wednesday night....didn't get home till 9:30 and then on Thursday night I had a Manteca quilters board meeting. Then yesterday I got in to see the Dr. because my left ear has been bothering me and its all plugged up.....figured I had too much ear wax inside and then the Dr. tells my I have swimmers ear!! Now I have not been in a swimming a long I guess I got too much water in my ear from taking showers.....who knew? So I have ear drops and meds to take and it will get better soon. I will be leaving for my second quilting retreat on Wednesday.....this is the retreat that I go on every year.....the one last month was an extra one. I will be working on my bella bella wall hanging.

Which brings me to the quilt below.....Sandy's bella bella all done. She sewed the larger size for this quilt. Mine is the smaller size. I just love the way it turned the colors.

These pictures are from the Tuesday night sew......Joan wanted to see the class sample for the workshop at Manteca Qilters this month. I took a couple of pictures for the Manteca web site...and I am posting it here. Cool quilt. Love those circles.....its so modern looking.
Here is a close up.....I haven't decided what fabric to use for this all know I love batiks...but Asian would be nice and there are other possibilies. I'll have to make up my mind soon.
Well off to sew while it's still cool......I hope we get some cooler weather soon. I don't like to sew when it is so hot!

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Shasta said...

These are both beautiful quilts. Have a great time at your retreat!