Monday, September 15, 2008

Retreat....more pictures

Julie spent the whole time at the retreat working on these angles......they are beautiful. She has a dinner party for her bible study group at Christmas and these angles will be holding the persons name so they know where they are going to sit. She's been doing angles for name tags for many, many years and her guests can't wait to see what she comes up with every year.
Julie used bias strips and made tubes and then used a fast turn to made the strips that wind around the body of the angles. They all have different hair and different looks on their faces.
Julie still has more angles to make but she got most of them done on the retreat.
Here is my bella bella......all the wedges sewn together to make four parts of the circle. I am so glad I got all this sewn on this quilt......I still have lots more.....the corners to sew together..... before I sew it all together/

Betsy worked on this quilt that is sewn together then cut and sewn back together to make it come out on point.
Here it is after she cut and layed it back down the way it will be sewn......beautiful.
Pat made this X block baby quilt......I love making these quilts.....they are so easy to make and look like it is difficult.
The last of the pictures taken at the retreat will be posted tomorrow.......

****** Fields of Fabric Grand Opening *******

I stopped at Fields of Fabric to check out their grand opening sale. They are having a 10% off sale...every day a different it was batiks, Tuesday it will be blank and Maywood, Wednesday.....Clothworks and Classic Cottons, Thursday....Gladwick and Wilmington, Friday.....Michael Miller and Moda and Saturday....Red Rooster and Shannon and Andover and Makover. AllFQ's are on sale for $2.25. They are giving away a large basket filled with cool quilting stuff and just for coming in you can enter. I helped the slow ecomony and spent some money there.

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Dianah said...

Looks like you all got a lot done! See you tonight.