Sunday, September 14, 2008

More on the Retreat

I worked for two day sewing on the rest of the wedges for my bella bella quilt. Here are all the wedges done and trimmed up.
Lunch served outside.......on the front deck....good food.
Last year two member of our group bought this kit from Bearly Quilting in Sonora.....a nine patch pazzaz.....they both worked on their quilts at this retreat. Beautiful
Pat worked on this chop stick quilt.....and she got it all put together....she was smart and cut all her fabric at home so all she had to do was sew.
Here is Jan....busy working on one of her projects. A couple of us did hand work too.

Besty is busy sewing.....she sewed at least two or more backs for quilts and finished a couple more.
Carol and Diana busy working on the pool table.....we used a hard top for the pool table and it was our big cutting board.
We always stop at Fishers fruit stand and bring lots of fresh fruit to our retreat.....and some wine and other hard liquor. But we don't drink and sew.

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