Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Left Ear....

I've been fighting a ear infection all month......the Dr. said I had swimmers ear and gave me drops to put in my ear and medicine to take.....then it did not get better and I got to go see the ear, nose Dr. He cleaned it out and told me I had to have surgery!! So Monday night I had surgery and he went in and took out some tissue that was infected......I did not stay at the hospital and got to go home. So now my ear is packed and I have to put two different ear drops in twice a day and take cipro for ten days. I get the packing out of my ear on Friday.....I should be able to hear again. So I've been resting and doing no sewing.

Tonight is the membership meeting for Manteca Quilters and on Saturday I will be attending a more pictures will be coming. Stay tuned.

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DearGina said...

Im sorr, ear aches are killer!I have been plauged my whole life with them.... If you are in pain, use some warm olive oil drops, it wont interfere with meds.
Hope you heal soon.