Thursday, September 18, 2008

My New Tee Shirt

I also embroidered this tee shirt while I was on the retreat. I found the image of Obama on line on a blog that said it was for use as red work......but I thought it would make a cool statement on a tee shirt and I wanted a tee shirt that told everyone about my support for Obama.
I used a stabilizer that is used for machine embroidery that washes away.....I usually use tissue paper for embroidery on a fabric where I can't trace it because the fabric is too dark. It worked very well and I will use it again. It washed right out in cold water. I then used a white pencil to wright Obama's name and then embroidered it below his picture.....just in case people can't recognize his picture......I plan on wearing this shirt quite a few time's before the election.
So now I have a one of a kind shirt to show people who I support for President. You can you support Obama or McSame.

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Cathy K said...

Nice T-shirt! I need to make one for myself!