Sunday, July 06, 2008

Projects Finished !!!!!

I finally finished the May instructions of my mystery quilt......yea !!!! It will be a long time before I make 80 flying geese using magic took forever and all the pressing I had to do and then cut that extra part off of the geese and hatchet blocks the half square triangles were easy in compression. Now I can begin sewing some of the parts I have done together.

I also finished Ella's bag......see below. I made it smaller because she only three and I wanted it to fit with her size. I think it turned out perty cool.
I need to get going as I have to pick up Scott and Natalie and drive to Woodland for Ella's birthday party. I want to stop at the Sacramento Ikea on the way back because I've never been to a Ikea store and want to check it out.

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Dianah said...

I finished smoked brisket and that is all. I started another one for the shop. I am hoping to finish it tomorrow. Tuesday I am doing June's step. Looks like you did a lot!