Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meet The Teachers.......NCQC

The Wednesday trip to NCQC Meet The Teachers was fun. Ginny and I visited with different teachers and picked up papers on what programs they offer and of course info on workshops. They have a large room with a stage and each teacher gets THREE minutes to talk about themselves.

After three minutes they will come and get the teacher off the stage if they have not finished their talk. Most of them get it done in the three minutes. Guess who's behind this quilt?? Our own Judy Mullen who is on the board of NCQC and was helping hold quilts.
There was a second room where tables were set up and the teachers could spread out their samples and talk to guild reps one on one.
Lots of people attended and I know we all have lots of ideas on who we want to come to our guilds and give programs and workshops. Ginny and I are working on this right now. Figuring out what dates we need to book and then checking with teachers on what days they have open.
Don't forget today and Satuday are the BIG sale at Oakdale's Quilters Cabin.......I'm heading there after work.

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