Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Mystery Saturday

We were stripping down at the library yesterday.......sewing up a storm....making our mystery quilts. The room was very silent as every one sewed and sewed our strips together.......see Dianah below who even sewed while she talked on her cell phone.

The table was loaded with snacks.......ready to fuel our we sewed and sewed.
Here is Joan and Carol......putting sewing pedal to the medal.......the puring sound of sewing machines the only sound to be heard.
My machine with the "new" light attached.......I really like it......I love my machine but the light on it is not the best in the world.......this little light improves and centre's the light on my sewing.....I love it.
The strips were falling on the floor as we had to sew two strips together and do it 50 times.
Ginny did a great job giving us or instructions a step at a time and here she is showing us how to cut our strip sets.
You cut two strip sets at a time.
Cut a 8 1/2 square.....cut it in two different sides together and you have a block.
Here is my first big block......4 of the smaller blocks all sewn together.....mine is very scrappy.....I used up lots of left over fabric and even found some all ready cut 2 1/2 inch strips to make mine.
Ginny's finished quilt......she made a controlled, white and blue. Don't you just love it?
Most of the quilters at class went home with all their small blocks sewn......I love these 2 1/2 inch quilts.....they really sew up fast and look fabulous.....this quilt looks like its set on point, but its just a big square block.

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Dianah said...

I was still working, kinda, while at the class.

I have most of my little blocks made. If I don't have to drive and work in Salinas tomorrow I am taking mine with me to sew at night in my motel room. Hoping to have my top done for Tuesday night.