Friday, September 21, 2007

2007 Sonora Quilt Show part 2

Isn't this a beautiful quilt? It seems to glow.....the quilting is cool too.

This is a different quilt......see the close up below this picture to see the cows in the border.
I like the border material.......I buy lots of cow fabric but don't have this one.
This is a cool bird......I like this wall hanging.
This is a paper pieced I like to paper piece....but after sewing about 2 of these blocks would drive me up the wall.
Love this pine tree quilt....need to figure out how it was done.
You have this quilt hanging up in your kitchen and you'll never forget the recipe for pumpkin pie!
This is a strange block design.......but I like it.
The next two wall hangings are done in my favorite

Still more pictures to share.....more later.

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