Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crosses Along the Highway

As I drove to work on Tuesday morning…just before I took my off ramp in Turlock…this is the scene that caught my eye. A field on the right hand side of the freeway…..American flag in the center….the flag was surrounded by white crosses. I figured it had something to do with Memorial Day and how many solders have been killed in this latest war. So yesterday I took the frontage road to where the field with the crosses stands and took these pictures. If you want to see them for yourself the field is located before the Taylor Road exit on highway 99 in Turlock….if you are going south it’s on the right hand side. You can take the Taylor Road exit and travel north on the frontage road…..the field isn’t far.

It was hard to get the whole field in one picture because I was too close as I was parked in front of the field next to the road. I wonder how long this will be up and if they will add crosses as we seem to loose more solders every day.
I support the troops.....I have relatives in the service. We need to bring the troops home......we are in the middle of a civil war and I see no end..... no victory in sight. May the solders represented by these crosses rest in peace......and may their family's and friends find comfort in their grief.

Update - Found this in the Modesto Bee....Joe Fernandez, owner of the Turlock Poker Room, set up the visual reminder for Memorial day on land he leased for four months. Tuesday morning, he added 10 crosses with little American flags attached to the top in memory of the solders lost on Monday. All told 3,450 crosses have been planted in four acres with, sadly, room for 300 additions over the next few months.

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