Monday, May 21, 2007

It was a Good Weekend !

Wow....did this weekend fly by fast. Saturday was spent at Teresa's helping with her garage sale....sold lots of her stuff then I went around to other garage sales and bought lots of stuff for Scott's classroom....he's always looking for books for his kids. I also bought some kitchen stuff for miss Natalie. After the garage sales I ventured over to R Lily Stem quilt store and dropped some money there and then to JoAnn's to spend my 40% off coupon.

The picture below is of the Oakdale Quilters Guild booth at the Chocolate Festival.....I worked the 2 to 5 shift and helped pack everything up. We sold lots of tickets.....had to do some yelling to get people into the booth.....WIN THIS QUILT FOR $ our non profit....and so on. The quilt is really beautiful and if people like purple, they buy tickets.

Thank God the wind was blowing....because the wind kept it from getting too hot. Didn't get any chocolate to taste....too many people and the lines were too long. Now I'm looking forward to next weekend and three days off.....more time to sew!

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