Monday, July 02, 2007

Saturday Class Reversible Quilts

On Saturday I took a class at Cloth and Quilts.....Reversible Quilts. The class was so much fun and the teacher was very good in explaining what we needed to do. Below is a picture of the book.

Here is one of the class samples made by our teacher Judy.
These blocks are very easy to sew and quilt at the same time.
This is a close up of two blocks sewen together with the sashing.
Another class sample done in 30's fabric....just four blocks...this would make a nice table topper.
Sample of what the quilter next to me was doing for her side blue and the other purple. The blocks are squared up after you sew them to 9 1/2 inches.
The lady across from me was doing these bright blocks.
I finished 8 blocks in class and sewed three together.....below you see how you sew the blocks together......the top strip is then hand sewed.
I put my scissors on top of the strip so you could see what it looks like after you sew down the strip.

I used the leftover strips that I had cut out to use on my Candy is Dandy I'm using them all up. One side of my quilt will be med colors and the other light. I need to cut more batting squares and strips before I continue sewing blocks. This was a good class and I learned a lot. The class was full 17 or 18 of there was lots of talking while we sewed and it was fun to see the fabric other quilters were using. I'll post more pictures when I've got more done.

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