Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Independence Hall Quilters Quilt Show

It was a beautiful day on Saturday....not too hot to travel up the hill to the quilt show at Ironstone Vineyards. The picture below is of the out side vendor area.....set up on the stage area.

This picture is of the goodies that are sold by the quilters....set on old plates, bowls, cups and saucers. We always buy some goodies when we are at this quilt show.
The walk way that leads to the building where the quilts are located.
Love this quilt....so different from other Noah's Ark panel quilts that you see.
A close up of the cows on the above quilt.....love these cows.
I really like the background on this goose quilt. So different.
There were some dolls at the show.....set up on a counter.
A real different applique quilt of a tree. I really like the way it's quilted.
I have took tons of pictures at the show and you will see more tomorrow. Lots of inspiration.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for all the photos. I especially enjoyed seeing the Noah's ark quilt.