Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Last of the Pictures

Wow....did I take a few pictures at the quilt show on Saturday! I love the flower quilt that you see in the close up below.....I have to make one some day.

Here is the whole quilt. I really like the way she used her colors.
Blue and this color combination.
What is black and white and red.....this quilt below. I must do a black and red quilt. I have to add this as I just remembered that the red spots on this quilt are red buttons. So no red fabric in this quilt only black and white.
There were two quilt made from this pattern.....I really like this one.
Red and yellow.....I like this quilt too.
Made from a little boys overalls.....she cut the front off and appliqued it to the middle of this quilt and used other demin in the middle of the squares. The back of the quilt had the back of the overalls and a plaid shirt appliqued on it.......what a cool idea!
Well that's all the pictures I took last was fun. Hope you all enjoyed seeing them.

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