Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm Melting.....It's Way Too Hot !!

It was 108 degrees yesterday here in Turlock and still 108 when I got home to Escalon. Seems a little cooler today.....I sure hope it cools off tomorrow. Its too hot to do anything......I get home and set in front of a fan and drink lots of ice tea. I don't feel like sewing at all. Who wants to even think about a quilt.....too hot.

Below are some blocks Sue has been working on and took down to our Tuesday sew to lay them her cat at home won't let her lay them out there. She knows that if she brings them down on Tuesday night we will give her lots of feed back. Sue said this quilt started out with a charm pack that became the leaves.....then she added the pieced blocks and a quilt was born.

Here is a close up of Sue's quilt.
Betsy got this quilt back from being machine quilted. It really turned out beautiful.....we had two fall looking quilts at Tuesday night.....strange.
Here is some Asian fabric FQ's that I bought to sew a wall hanging with. I picked them up at the Oakdale Quilt Show. This is a kit that came with a pattern and the panel for the Asian girls....I just needed to buy some fabric that I am lacking in my stash. Should be fun to sew when it gets cooler and I get my ambition back.
I hope it's cool where you are....have a good weekend.

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