Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Very Rainy Week

After a rainy weekend we've had rain off and on all week. The snow is falling in the mountains and we are catching up on our total rain for the year totals. So it looks like we'll have plenty of water this summer. Below is a picture taken at my house looking toward the Sierra Nevada mountains. I love the dark low clouds. Below is a baby quilt made by Diana. This picture was taken last night on the floor in a room we use to sew in at the library. She's getting ready to machine quilt it. I love the colors she used and the way she put the prints together. This would be a very easy quilt to make. I'm sure the baby will have fun looking at it.
The fabric's below are for a workshop I'm taking later in March. The batik in the middle will be the background. The blue and yellow flowered print will be the points.....see the picture on the right of what the quilt will look like. I need to buy lots of blue, yellow and green for the center of each block. The Manteca Quilt show is this weekend and I'll have lots of vendors to shop at and buy the fabric I need.

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Krista M said...

Found you thru Margene's blog...Welcome to blogland! Your quilts are beautiful. I have only made one quilt in my life and the squares are so mismatched! It is horrendous, but I love it as a sick blanket when I am camped out on the couch with a cold or whatever. I am going to make a baby quilt and I really want it to be nice. I am usually a knitter so I am going to have to think outside the skein!