Friday, February 09, 2007

It's Raining

The above picture is of my hand holding a antique button earring that I've been busy making. What fun to go through all my jar's full of old buttons. You see I have this problem...if I'm at a antique mall or garage sale and see jars of buttons.......I must buy them. I own a pair of earrings like the one's I'm making and wear them to quilting events that I attend, people are always telling me how much they like my earrings, and being the crafty person I am I decided to make some. I will be selling my earrings at the Manteca Quilt Show the first weekend in March. At the quilt show we have a large members boutique where we sell cool items made by our members.
Here is a Camellia from a bush that is growing at work. The bush is huge....taller than me and has been growing for a long time. It is now covered with these beautiful pink flowers.

It is now raining here which is good as we are way behind on our amount of rain for the year. The weather man says that it will rain through the weekend......good weather for sewing and staying inside.....or going out and shopping for fabric. Have a good weekend.

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