Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Trees Are Blooming

It was a beautiful weekend here with Saturday being the warmest day so far this year. The almond trees are beginning to bloom and soon the sweet smell of the blossoms will fill the air. I took the picture below on Saturday with this tree just beginning to bloom.I spent the whole long weekend sewing and finished my quilt from my class with Debi. I will take a picture of it tonight at the library because it is the largest quilt I've ever made (finished) and I do not have the room to lay it out at home. I really like the finished quilt and I do believe it is the fastest I've ever finished a quilt top. Now I just have to have it machine quilted. I also worked on the President's Challenge from my Manteca guild. Months ago our President Lynn gave (to those quilters interested) a fat 1/8 of a orange fabric and said make a small quilt or wearable or doll using this fabric. The finished project is due Thursday night and I'd been thinking of what I wanted to do with the fabric......so I worked on it this weekend and its almost done. A picture will follow soon of the leftover fabric and what I did with it.
The picture above is taken from the window in my office.....I've been throwing out bird seed in the area between the two bushes in front of my office. I watch all the birds come and eat the bird seed. It's very hard to take a picture....when I walk with my camera to the window the birds all leave. So I have to stand there and wait till they return. I took this picture of a blue jay last week.

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