Monday, January 29, 2007

Freddy Moran

On Saturday I attended the Modesto Quilt Show. I was able to set down and hear Freddy give a talk on her quilting, how she started and how she designs quilts. She showed off a few of her quilts and as I was in the second row, was able to get some good pictures. You will see a few heads in these of the ladies sitting in the first row.

This is a beautiful red and black quilt. She began with one block and just started adding more until she felt it was done.
Freddy is known for her house blocks. Here is one of her many house block quilts.

This quilt shows a black dotted cat with flowers around and a cool white dotted fabric for the background.
Freddy has been working on a series of quilts based on the day of the dead. Lots of beads added to this quilt after it was quilted. She uses the time when watching TV with her husband to do the hand work.

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