Friday, January 19, 2007

Cold California

Sunny California......right, its been very, very cold here with water pipes breaking and fountains freezing up. The lows last week were in the 20's. This picture was taken by my niece who lives in Ripon. She told me that " it took till about 4pm each day for it to thaw out....and then the sun would go down it would be hard as a rock by midnight, it was funny to watch the finches land on the ice and then slide across."

I feel sorry for all the birds and animals that are outside and have to put up with the cold. It's still cold but the lows are now in the 30's. I keep thinking about February and how the almonds start blooming about the middle of the month. Thank God the winters are short here. But we need rain, so I'm thinking we'll have a wet spring.

All this cold weather has all us quilters thinking and working on warm quilts to keep us warm in this cold weather. Have a good weekend.

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