Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday night's show and tell

It was a small show and tell last Thursday night at my Oakdale guild. Inez made this 2 1/2 inch quilt with a bali pop. Love the dark rich colors in this quilt. Bridget made this Christmas table runner and taught it in a class up at Standard.....said you could make the top in about three hours.
Bridget has been very busy.....she made nine take five quilts to give to her family for Christmas. She showed us three of them. I sat next to her and she spent Thursday night sewing on the binding on the quilt below. Love these colors.
A close up of the quilt above.
Another take five.....beautiful colors.
Close up of the quilt above.
Flowers on this quilt.
Close up of the quilt.
Bridget plans on making the family pick numbers and then go into a bedroom and pick the quilt they want. I think that is a smart way to give away quilts and no one will be mad if they get a quilt they don't like.

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