Saturday, November 01, 2008

PIQ.......not done yet

I still have more pictures to show you. I love California poppies and would like to grow them in my garden. If I had this quilt I could look at them every day.I'd like to be sitting in this spot and enjoying the forest.
Harvesting grapes....we have lots of grapes here in the central valley.....they do some picking by machine but most is still done by hand.....beautiful quilt. It should be hanging in a winery.
Look at the detail and quilting in this quilt.
Big leaves showing the four seasons.
Another beautiful landscape quilt.
Love the different quilting in the sky.
Beautiful fall the colored leaves.
Love the different fabrics that are used in this leaf......we all love to collect fabric for projects like this.
A different way to do a landscape quilt of Africa.
Close up of the middle.
Brown bear with the bear paw block on the side of the quilt.
This looks like the road home through the trees.
I have to go through my pictures and see if I missed any and then post them for you to see. I'm planning on sewing today as it is a rainy day finally feels like fall.

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