Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Fun Sunday Outing......

Look where I went this Sunday afternoon......the new Bass Pro in a wonderful store to just wonder about on a Sunday. This is the front doors......look at all the antlers they used over the entrance. On the outside in front of the large building is a stream.....built with lots of rocks and look at these cool deer.
Over the door that you go through is the quote.....welcome fisherman, hunters and other liars....look at the deer heads and whole stuffed deer. All the stuffed animals inside and outside the store are donated to Bass Pro by families who don't want them hanging around anymore....and they have lots and lots of different stuffed animals.
Looking down from the second floor to the main floor.
Here is the waterfall and fish tank with native California fish inside. When have you ever seen a waterfall inside of a store?
I will go back and shop here could wonder around here for hours and hours and not see everything. When ever you are in or around Manteca check out this store.

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Heather said...

Wow Manteca is moving up in the world. Gerti told me there's a new Costco. Just amazing!!