Monday, October 01, 2007

X Block Workshop

The Workshop on Saturday was loads of fun......see Patricia Pepe teaching us below. She went around to every person who attended and checked out our fabric choice and what pattern we were about to make. I really learned from listening to her talk to each quilter.

Here's part of the group......working on their projects.
This was a full lots of people working hard on their x block design.
Close up of Patricia......teaching.
Here is my fabric choice.......looks OK....but I think I need more contrast.
Here are some of the blocks I sewed on Saturday......too dark. But I learned....what to do....what colors to use.
Sandy came in and brought this quilt she made for a wedding.
The following pictures are from Saturday's class.....the blocks that quilters made that day. Really love the blocks below.....very scrappy.

I can't remember which block belongs to who.....but I do remember that this blue one is made by Lou-Anne......beautiful.

Lots of ribbon star's were made......the x block is an easy way to make a complicated looking quilt.

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Dianah said...

It looks like everyone had fun. I wish I was their! I did work on the border for mine that I had started. I decided to piece the stupid triangles. I am hoping I have enough. Can't wait to see them tomorrow night.