Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sunday's Mystery Class

The internet was down yesterday here so I couldn't post about my Sunday mystery class with Debi. What fun! The picture below is all my many, many red 4 1/2 inch squares......that was all I brought to class.....this class included all the rest of the fabric that was needed to finish the quilt. See the black and white fabric...what is this going to be?

Here are the blocks all sewn and I'm starting to lay out the quilt. You really have to pay attention and get the blocks in the right place. I only had to un sew once! Two blocks in the middle of the quilt after it was sewn together...boo.
Here is my quilt with the first two borders on it....we got to pick the fabric we wanted to use in the borders. I did finish my quilt in class. I will take a picture of the finished quilt tonight at the Tuesday sew. I am very happy with the way my red and black quilt turned out.
Below is a quilt one of the ladies in the class brought......Cloth and Quilt is having a strip class every month.....2 1/2 inch strips seem to be the latest thing in the quilting world. I really like this quilt.
More blocks from the strip class......in pink.
Debi was sewing right along with the class......she's using brights.....now Debi is not a bright fabric person....so this is unusual. You get a whole different look with brights.
More of the lay out using brights.
Rita had some pinwheel black and red blocks left over from another project......so she used them. It turned out beautiful.
Debi's finished quilt.......draped over a chair.
It was a fun class....we walked over to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and still finished our quilts. Thanks Debi for such a fun class and I now have a red and black quilt.

Tonight starts the teddy bear class that Manteca Quilters is having on Tuesday night. I hope to get lots done tonight. I'll be taking pictures......so stay turned.

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Dianah said...

I love your quilt! Are you bringing it tonight? I want to make one!