Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last Tuesday night bear class

Last night was the last bear class and most of us are on the final step of finishing our bears. Carol got her Mombo Gumbo wall hanging back from Eddie who's sister machine quilted it. WOW...when they say the quilting makes the quilt they were right. I don't know if you can see all the detail quilting on the quilt....but it is beautiful.

Barbara finished her bear....its the girl bear on the right. She already had the knitted sweater and scarf...and see the cute little purse on her arm......she just needs some pants. On the left is Sue's Pea Pod bear with his shirt and overalls on.
Here is Sue, helping people in the class with their bears.
I finally got my bear head done and on the body. Just need to sew on the arms and legs and she will be done.....I know its a she but don't have a name yet.
Teresa's fabric...with one ear on.
A finished bear from the class.....what a cute bear!
A fuzzy bear from the class....before it got its ears on kind of looked like a beaver.
Thank You Sue for such a fun class....I'm so glad I made my bear. Now to figure out how to put clothes on my bear. I have to sew the block of the month usual the night before our membership meeting. Should be easy to do. I'll have a picture tomorrow.

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