Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Groveland Quilt Stroll...part 2

Today you get to see the rest of my pictures from the Groveland Quilt Stroll. The picture below reminds me of Sisters quilt show. Quilts hung everywhere.....quilts blowing gently in the wind.

Don't know why....but I really love black and red for a quilt. Here is a wall hanging that was hanging on a fence next to the sidewalk.
Look what a nice place to stop and set and visit and if you get cold there is a quilt to lay on your lap.
This is the quilt shop....Bunny Rose in Groveland. Located in a little old house and hung with quilts.
Look who is on the porch of the quilt shop.....Alex Anderson. Alex talked about the opportunity quilt she is designing for the Manteca Quilt show in 2009 and how beautiful it is turning out. Can't wait to see it.
After leaving Groveland and traveling back down the mountain we drove to Sonora and visited Bearly Quilting....cute quilt shop. I spent some money here.
What a fun day....spent with fellow Manteca Quilters. A big thank you to Liz Willis who organized the trip. I'm ready to go back next year.

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DearGina said...

Wonderful pics! Thanks:) I enjoyed this.,