Monday, June 18, 2007

The Barbie Quilt

This Barbie Quilt was entered into the Qakdale Quilt Guild show. It is a very unusual quilt and is on a wooden frame. I took these pictures for my daughter Natalie a big, even though she is all grown up Barbie fan. The two people peeking around the quilt are in the Oakdale guild with me.

The gal who made this quilt collected the Barbies and made all the outfits, everything seen on the quilt was collected and included in this quilt.
All the little girls who came to the show loved looking at this quilt.
Love the sewing room.....
This picture is for bride to be Natalie....who will not be having a big wedding or wearing a dress that looks like this.
More pictures of the show tomorrow.....I took lots of pictures.

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